54th Street and Collwood Boulevard


  • The route from today's Fairmount Canyon up into the "mesa" area likely dates to prehistoric times.
  • During the Mission Period and into the early American Period, the route of today's "Collwood Boulevard" is documented as the key access point into the area from Mission Valley.
  • The road and route of today's 54th Street was originally known as Douglass Street, named after the pioneer rancher who built a home near the current site of Crawford High School in the 1800s.
  • This 19th Century route was the access point that connected the Old Chollas Road (Home Avenue to University Avenue) to Mission Valley.
  • The paving of 54th Street south from University would be the key access for developing the Post-War neighborhoods of Redwood Village, Oak Park, and Webster.
  • The opening of Collwood Boulevard in 1966 allowed for some of the earliest condominium projects in the City.



University Avenue: Site of former Jewish Community Center.

Constructed in 1954, this center was one of the earliest and long-lasted community service centers and represented the large and influential Jewish Community in the College Area. It has since closed and the site redeveloped.

Krenning Street:

The current Community Theater building was originally designed as a sales office/model home for a proposed housing development of homes designed by San Diego native, and famed architectural designer, Cliff May. The project never materialized.