CNF board members are active community volunteers who share love of, and pride in, the College Neighborhoods. These community members bring an expertise in one or more of the following fields: marketing, law, grant writing, project management, real estate, information technology, economic and/or community development, fund raising, finance, and education.

The board members not only volunteer their time and expertise, but are expected to contribute to the financial health of the nonprofit.  The board meets at least once a month and is united in the desire to see the College Neighborhoods grow into an economically vibrant, culturally dynamic, socially responsible, and academically fulfilling desired destination for residents and commerce.

Current Officers:

  • Sandi Buehner President & Treasurer
  • Charles Maze Vice President
  • Jody Talbott Secretary

Current Board:

  • Vickie Church
  • James Miyazawa
  • Virginia Martin
  • Rob Nelson

Past Board:

  • Myrtle Akili
  • Juan Baligad
  • Tyler Blik
  • Matt Brookshier
  • Dan Cornwaite
  • B.J. DeBusschere
  • Gary DeBusschere
  • Ellen Hohenstein
  • Kathy Kirk
  • Christina Kish
  • Greg Lambron
  • Bill Marckwardt
  • Dotti Millbern
  • Don Mullen
  • Sally Roush
  • Steve Seus
  • Tyler Sherer
  • Betty White
  • Rick Siordian


  • Sandy Alter
  • Jane Carpenter
  • Pauline Graves
  • Anthony Navoy