Welcome to the College Neighborhoods Foundation

A vibrant region of the City of San Diego, the College Neighborhoods, borders the City of La Mesa. This site hopes to introduce you to the wonderful communities within the College Neighborhoods including: Oak Park, Redwood Village, Rolando Park, Rolando, Mesa Colony, El Cerrito, and the College Area. Come visit us and enjoy everything we have to offer; great restaurants, wonderful live theater, fun events, beautiful homes, captivating history, and a friendly atmosphere. We have it all!


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About Us

Mission College Neighborhoods Foundation’s (CNF) Mission is to help enhance the quality of life and revitalize business in the College Neighborhoods. History In 1997, a group of community volunteers desired to improve their neighborhood, but lacked the requirements to procure

Area Groups

Alvarado Estates Homeowners Association College Area Business Improvement District College Area Community Council College View Estates Association El Cerrito Community Council Mesa Colony Community Group Oak Park Community Council Redwood Village Community Council Rolando Community Council Rolando Park Community Council

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CNF develops and produces projects which enhance and benefit the community. The following are examples of such projects: Annual Spring Home Tour Started in April 2002, CNF hosted its first home tour. Our tours have featured the communities of El

Historic and Friendly

The College Neighborhoods are vibrant, diverse, friendly, and willing to work for the common good.